The protagonists of this project are some of the most prominent characters of the relations between Austria-Hungary and China. From the famous to the understudied ones.

Be aware that the biographical index about Austria-Hungary and China is currently under construction.


One can also usefully refer to, for biographies:

- the project of Hans-Joachim Schmidt, corresponding member, concerning Austro-Hungarian soldiers in Qingdao

- the work of Georg & Monika Lehner, concerning Austria-Hungary and the Boxer War, available online

- the Austrian Institute for China and Southeast Asia Research, concerning the main figures.

Other references may be listed below.

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  • Marine Detachement in Beijing (1898-1899)
  • Boxer War & Marine Detachement in Northern China (Beijing, Tianjin, Tanggu, 1900-1917)
  • Qingdao & POW (1914-1920)



  • Consuls General & Ministers in Shanghai (1871-1883)
  • Ministers in Tôkyô (competent for China, 1883-1895)
  • Ministers in Beijing (1895-1917)
  • Consuls General in Shanghai (1883-1917)
  • Consuls in Tianjin (1902-1917)
  • Consul in Mukden (1914-1917)
  • Vice-Consuls in Yantai



  • Ministers competent for Austria-Hungary (1877-1902)
  • Ministers in Wien (1902-1917)

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