Here is a page dedicated to our patrons, who supported the association through our Patreon page.

A list of their names follows as a small token of our gratitude.

The international & interdisciplinary research group about Austria-Hungary and China (and successor states) is now 2 years old. 

13 people have agreed to trust me with this enterprise, 11 of which as active members of the association. I take this opportunity to thank them once more.

A website has been set up to publicize research about Austria-Hungary and China, and is available in 7 languages, thanks to our benevolent translators, Matyas Mervay and Karin Maistrello. I am also grateful to them.

Different levels of partnerships and collaborations have been concluded Hans-Joachim Schmidt's "Tsingtau und Japan", Gerd Kaminski's "Österreichisches Institut für China- und Südostasienforschung", "ALTER - Crisis, Otherness, Representation", and the "Southeast European Studies Association (SEESA)".


Despite these early successes, the association has struggled to subsidize its projects which are:

- Supporting research efforts of its members 

- Self-publishing of our member's works as (e-)books

- Organize a general meeting of the association as well as a conference covering the latest research about Austria-Hungary and China


Therefore, I now opened a Patreon page for the association.

Patreon is a platform allowing artists and creators of content to get funding through patronage.

For each donation of $5 or more, the men and women who decide to support our projects and fund them, allowing us to gather, publish, and support our members' research will have their names shown in a special section of our website.

Here is the link to the Patreon page of The Double Monarchy & the Middle Kingdom (DMMK): 


Mathieu Gotteland, President.


David Benoît


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