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The international & interdisciplinary research group about Austria-Hungary and China (and successor states) is now 2 years old. 

13 people have agreed to trust me with this enterprise, 11 of which as active members of the association. I take this opportunity to thank them once more.

A website has been set up to publicize research about Austria-Hungary and China, and is available in 7 languages, thanks to our benevolent translators, Matyas Mervay and Karin Maistrello. I am also grateful to them.

Different levels of partnerships and collaborations have been concluded Hans-Joachim Schmidt's "Tsingtau und Japan", Gerd Kaminski's "Österreichisches Institut für China- und Südostasienforschung", "ALTER - Crisis, Otherness, Representation", and the "Southeast European Studies Association (SEESA)".


Despite these early successes, the association has struggled to subsidize its projects which are:

- Supporting research efforts of its members 

- Self-publishing of our member's works as (e-)books

- Organize a general meeting of the association as well as a conference covering the latest research about Austria-Hungary and China


Therefore, I now opened a Patreon page for the association.

Patreon is a platform allowing artists and creators of content to get funding through patronage.

For each donation of $5 or more, the men and women who decide to support our projects and fund them, allowing us to gather, publish, and support our members' research will have their names shown in a special section of our website.

Here is the link to the Patreon page of The Double Monarchy & the Middle Kingdom (DMMK): 


Mathieu Gotteland, President.

November 6th, 2018

SEESA Travel Grants 2019


SEESA Travel Grants 2019 which is a funding opportunity for graduate students who work in the various fields of South East European Studies and aim to present their work in any conferences worldwide.


For the Call for Applications, click here.


Website: Southeast European Studies Association (SEESA)


Mathieu Gotteland, President.


September 8th, 2018

Talks, Partnership


Two talks will be given, one by myself, at the workshop of the GDR Knowledge of Middle Europe, in Paris, France, on May 18th, 2018, and the other by member Mátyás Mervay at the Austrian Studies Association annual conference, in Burlington, Vermont, USA, on May 30th-June 1st 2018. 

They shall respectively be entitled: "The Austro-Hungarian imperial presence in China from the Boxer War to the First World War" and "The Austro-Hungarian prisoner of war refugees in China".


Here are the websites of the Parisian workshop and of the ASA.


A partnership was established with the Southeast European Studies Association (SEESA)

Southeast Europe, being the maritime facade of Austria-Hungary, shares a specific, very interesting but still understudied relationship to China.

Many of its inhabitants served in the navy, and as such were part of the foreign occupation in Beijing in 1898 and in Beijing, Tianjin & Tanggu from 1900 to 1917.

(See Čeplak Mencin, Ralf. V Deželi Potencia Nebesnega Zmaja Samoživost 350 Let Stikov S Kitajsko. Ljubljana, 2012.)


Mathieu Gotteland, President.


May, 15th 2018

New Year


The research group "The Double Monarchy and the Middle Kingdom" wishes all its members, partners and followers a happy new year 2018 !


Mathieu Gotteland, President.


January, 4th 2018



I regret that due to dire personal - although temporary - difficulties, the project for a conference about all matters regarding Austria-Hungary and China has to be cancelled, until further notice. We still look forward to make this project a reality, and we are currently in the process of looking for new, innovative ways to raise funds for this purpose. We seize the occasion to thank our members and followers for their support in this enterprise.


Mathieu Gotteland, President.


November, 11th 2017

New Member Publication


The Chinese (Tianjin) journal《历史教学》(History and Teaching) just published an article by member Mátyás Mervay:《“一战”时间在中国的奥匈战俘》. 

To read it (in Chinese language), click here.


He previously published "Császári és királyi hadifogoly-karrierek Kínában: Az átutazó, a balettmester és az építészek" in the Hungarian journal Irodalmi Jelen, last December. (English title: Imperial and Royal Prisoners of War-Careers in China: The transmigrant, the ballet-maestro and the architects) The content is fully accessible here (in Hungarian language).


Finally, he authored a translation from Hungarian to English of a 1904 article written by Géza Szuk: Our Little China. The Austro-Hungarian settlement in Tianjin. (Hungarian title: A Mi Kis Khinánk. A tientsini osztrák-magyar telepítvény.) 

This translation is available here, and on the Bibliography page.


Mathieu Gotteland, President.


June, 4th 2017

6 doctoral scholarships on the subject: "Asia and Europe in a Global Context" are offered at Heidelberg University for a period of three years beginning at winter semester 2017/2018. Application deadline: March 15th, 2017.

New collaborations


The research group is pleased to welcome to its ranks Yanqing Xu (徐燕卿), B.A., of the Tianjin Relics Administration for the Hebei District. We hope that future collaboration with Tianjin, where Austria-Hungary leased a concession between 1902 and 1917, will be strengthened and fruitful for all parties.


A partnership was established between the association and ALTER - Crisis, Otherness and Representation. The research group of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya notably put online the very interesting Archivo China España 1800-1950. Synergies should be found in the study of imperial presence of less powerful European powers in China, notably Austria-Hungary, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden-and-Norway.


Mathieu Gotteland, President.


January 11th 2017

New members


We are pleased that experts in the field of Chinese history and Sino-European relations chose to become part of the research group; more international than ever, with now 10 members of 10 different nationalities, including 8 active members.


Chinyun Lee, PhD, is associate professor of history at National Chi Nan University, on the island of Taiwan. She is of the highest authority in the field of Sino-Austro-Hungarian relations, particularly under the economic point of view. Her interests also extend to Sino-German and Sino-Russian trade relations, as well as the impact of the Russian revolution on Xinjiang (a.k.a. Chinese Turkestan, a.k.a. East Turkestan).


Aglaia De Angeli, PhD, is lecturer in modern Chinese history at Queen's University Belfast. She is an expert on Sino-Italian relations.

Both Chinyun Lee and Aglaia De Angeli have a strong interest in the colonial history of Tianjin.


Božo Repe, PhD, is professor of contemporary history at the University of Ljubljana, and is a specialist in Slovene and Yugoslavic history.

We welcome dearly the keen interest shown until now by Slovenian researchers and academia for the project.


This strong support, by confirmed researchers, experts in Chinese and Central European history, and keen interest on the part of well-known researchers and established institutions, encourages us into strengthening further still international and interdisciplinary research in the field covered by the association.


Please note applications stay open, for all disciplines of the humanities, beyond borders, languages, and affiliations.


Mathieu Gotteland, President.

November 19th 2016

Inaugural Conference


We are pleased to announce that an inaugural conference will be held in Vienna, in June 2018, under the auspices of the research group and our esteemed partner, the Austrian Institute for Research in Chinese and Southeast Asian Studies


Renowned experts in the field of Austro-Chinese relations and junior researchers, members of the research group, are scheduled to talk on the subject of

"The Austro-Hungarian presence in China as imperialism".


We are honoured by the marks of support and encouragement we receive, as well as the promotion of our activities through academic institutions, which shall allow this project to be brought to life barely two years after the founding of the international and interdisciplinary research group.


Mathieu Gotteland, President.

November 4th 2016

Prof. Wilhelm Matzat


The association regrets to inform you that Wilhelm Matzat, PhD, passed away. We are truly honoured of the interest he showed us very early on as a corresponding member and a partner to his own scientific project "". Our thoughts are with his family and relatives and we are deeply sorry for their loss.


Mathieu Gotteland, President.

October 24th 2016

5 doctoral fellowships on the subject: "China in Europe, Europe in China: Past and Present" are offered at Hamburg University in cooperation with Fudan University in Shanghai for the period of December 2016 till November 2019. Application deadline: November 11th, 2016. (German)

On and forward


At the occasion of the General Meeting of the association, which takes place today, we would like to point out to any interested party the latest developments in the international research group.


A newsletter has been set up as of late, to allow anyone to follow further steps and advancement of the association's research projects, that you can subscribe to in any of the 7 languages in which the website has been translated to-date.


Guidelines drafted for the association, internally binding and aiming to give a clearer view to the visitor for the aims and principles of the research group, are now available in full in the "Guidelines" section.


The entirety of this website has been licensed under the Creative Commons licence BY NC ND 3.0, which forbids commercial use and derivatives of any work published here, except for any item already in the public domain or already under copyright. On the other hand, the licence allows any distribution and reproduction of the material published here (which is not otherwise licensed under standard copyright) for non-commercial purposes and with proper attribution.


Mátyás Mervay, which we thank for his involvement in the group, has been appointed as research project's coordinator for "Bibliography". He will head the project under supervision of the bureau of the association. Until applications arise for the other projects of the association, all are to be carried on. A list of each and all contributors to the projects is to be established and published online.


Finally, we look forward to further applications of interested members of the scientific community, as well as further cooperations and partnerships with existing organisations.


Although young and new, the initiative stays ambitious in its aims, while humble in the face of the existing scientific corpus and academic experts in the field of widely perceived relations between Austria-Hungary and China.


Mathieu Gotteland, President.

May 30th 2016

New members


We are very pleased that new members recently joined the international research group (with legal effect on May 30th).


We are honoured for the mark of friendship and support showed by Professor emeritus Dr Wilhelm Matzat, formerly Professor of Geography at the University of Bonn, specialist of Qingdao and the Shandong province in the German colonial era, who is to become a corresponding member.


We are extremely pleased with the keen interest of further disciplines and perspectives added by our new active members.

Arnhilt Johanna Hoefle, PhD, Erwin-Schrödinger-Fellow at UC Berkeley, now at the University of Hamburg, is a specialist of the reception of Stefan Zweig's work in China and of interconnexions to be found between German- and Chinese-speaking literatures under the scope of gender studies.

Zhang Yichi (张亦弛), PhD student in urban history at the University of Technology of Sydney, is a specialist of the British concessions in China, and of the foreign concessions of Tianjin.


Their support and contributions shall bring to the association, I am confident, the diversity which belongs to the core principles of this initiative, as well as a quality in research that we can be commonly proud of in the near future.


Please note applications stay open, for all disciplines of the humanities, beyond borders, languages, and affiliations.


Mathieu Gotteland, President.

May 4th 2016



The international research group has received today the kind support of StuDeO (Studienwerk Deutsches Leben in Ostasien e.V.), founded in 1992.
I would like to show my appreciation to its director, Alexander Röhreke, Ph.D.

The website of the foundation (in German language) can be accessed from

Mathieu Gotteland, President.
April 25th 2016

Launching of the website


The international research group about Austria-Hungary and China "The Double Monarchy and the Middle Kingdom" was founded on March 15th 2016, between Mátyás Mervay and myself.


Ever since, a formal scientific collaboration was established with the historical-biographic project "Tsingtau und Japan 1914-1920" through its director Hans-Joachim Schmidt, today a corresponding member.


We achieved much in less than a month, which is represented by the very launching of our own website. We are determined to do our best for the aim of our common research purposes and we are confident about the future projects, may they be applications of valued researchers in the field, or collaborations through established organizations.


I would like to seize the occasion to give a special thanks to our benefactor members, Daniel Gotteland, treasurer, and Izabela Zwiech


Mathieu Gotteland, President.

April 14th 2016

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