The Double Monarchy and the Middle Kingdom

The international and interdisciplinary research group "The Double Monarchy and the Middle Kingdom" is constituted as an association under French law (1901).
The official languages for all statements, communications, debates are French and English. The association's legal documentation in English and French can be consulted in the legal proceedings section (access restricted to members only).
The use of further languages is strongly encouraged.
I- Statutory Aim
This research group aims to create and promote scientific, international and interdisciplinary collaboration on the subject of broadly perceived relations between Austria-Hungary and China.
By Austria-Hungary is meant both the Habsburg monarchy, also understood as the Double Monarchy from 1868 onward (Empire of Austria and Apostolic Kingdom of Hungary), as well as the socio-cultural, ethnic and geographic spaces, legacy of the Austro-Hungarian Empire from its fall till the present day.
By China is meant the extent which the Qing Empire reached when the Sino-Austro-Hungarian treaty of 1869 was signed, therefore: China proper, Manchuria, Inner and Outer Mongolia, the Chinese part of Turkestan, Tibet, and the island of Taiwan.
II- Centralization and Diffusion
Among the core purposes of the research group are firstly, the centralization of the previous and ongoing research on Austria-Hungary and China, and secondly, its diffusion to both academic and wider audiences by any legal and appropriate means.
III- Cooperation
The association’s driving principle is to establish a community of interest and an interacting space for researchers beyond nationalities, affiliations, languages, and disciplines.
The international and the interdisciplinary dimensions are crucial to our projects, either through the contributing members involved, or through the various outlooks adopted towards the researched phenomena.
IV- Innovation
New projects can be initiated by any member, under the supervision of the association's bureau who nominates research projects' coordinators.
Innovative, collaborative, interdisciplinary projects are very much supported, and called for, from all members of the association alike.

New directions taken vis-à-vis the state of our knowledge and previous / ongoing research are supported in so far as they fit the aims of this association.
V- Participative Process
While the matter of coordinating with the authorities, the functions of treasurer, and the common management of the association are trusted upon the bureau of the association, a participative process, originating from all categories of members, founding, active, honorary or corresponding members, is very much supported.
In this perspective, either through direct correspondence between members or through a motion that should assemble at least a third of the members of the association, a General Meeting can always be called upon to discuss matters at hand.
When a General Meeting is not absolutely necessary, the presidency of the association undertakes other necessary steps to integrate the members of the association in the decision making process.

VI- Collaborations, Partnerships, Supports
The project stays ambitious in its aims but also humble and very aware of the pre-existence of a very important corpus of scientific research, publications and works, of laboratories, scientific associations, and experts from many countries, which are also very much invited to join or support the project, establish a partnership or a cooperation with this association, in the spirit of these guidelines.
The aims that our project is wishing to fulfil can not and shall not be reached without the kind and generous support of any other individuals and organizations interested in the theme of Austria-Hungary and China, in whichever scientific discipline.
We are grateful for those who have already shown us marks of friendship, interest, support, or have become directly involved, and we look forward to establishing a network which would make the theme all the more visible to the scientific and the wider audience.


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