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In this section are announced events and publications, resulting of the work of the international and interdisciplinary research group.

Below references were authored by members of the research group or by the research group itself and are listed in chronological order. Please visit the newsfeed to learn more about the upcoming inaugural conference in June 2018, in Vienna.

Member Publications



Mervay, Mátyás, 《“一战”时间在中国的奥匈战俘》in: 《历史教学》, May 2017



Mervay, Mátyás, "Császári és királyi hadifogoly-karrierek Kínában: Az átutazó, a balettmester és az építészek" in: Irodalmi Jelen, December 1, 2016 [Imperial and Royal Prisoners of War-Careers in China: The Transmigrant, the Ballet-Maestro and the Architects]

Gotteland, Mathieu, "l'Allemagne et l'Autriche-Hongrie en Chine, 1895-1918" in: Revue d'Allemagne et des pays de langue allemande, vol. 48,

no. 1 (June 2016), 43-56 [Germany and Austria-Hungary in China, 1895-1918]



Gotteland, Mathieu, "les Conséquences de la Première Guerre mondiale sur la présence impériale austro-hongroise en

Chine" in: Guerres mondiales et conflits contemporains, no. 256 (Oct.-Dec. 2014), 9-18 (English translation, Mathieu Gotteland)

[The Consequences of the First World War on the Austro-Hungarian Imperial Presence in China]



Lee, Chinyun, "Austrian Maritime Development in East Asia: 1869-1914" in: Zgodovinski Casopis, Vol. 3-4 (2007), 467-489



Lee, Chinyun, Olivová, Lucie, "Obchod mezi Cinou a ceskymi zememi koncem rakouskeho cisarstvi" in: Studia Orientalia Slovaca, vol. 4 (2005), 65-92 [Commercial Exchanges Between China and Czech Countries at the End of the Austrian Empire]



Lee, Chinyun, „Trst in avstrijsko-kitajska trgovina od 1869 do 1918/Trieste and Austro-Chinese Trade from 1869 to 1918” (Doktorska naloga/PhD diss., Univerza v Ljubljani, 2002)

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